Java Developer - Applications close March 22nd

Skills Overview

A great understanding of writing testable code (e.g. using Dependency Injection)

A great understanding of mocking in writing tests. (e.g. familiar with Mockito or some other mocking framework)

  • Familiarity with Reactive programming (e.g. RxJava) would be a very big bonus.
  • Kotlin (programming language), this is strongly desired.
  • Prior exposure to Groovy (programming language).

o familiarity with dependency injection

o ability to write readable and testable code

· Git

· RESTful web services (a lot of services are built on top of Dropwizard)

· Docker

· Microservices architecture

· Continuous Integration

· Agile workflow

For bonus points

· RabbitMQ

· Front end technologies: Angular, React

In this role, you'll:

  • Be part of a development team in a leading financial institution using contemporary tools, working alongside skilled and motivated people in an attractive modern workplace in Hobart CBD.
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