Feng is a Developer with a passion for building software to make life and work easier. With a deep knowledge of software development, he has built his portfolio by working across various areas of the IT industry from system administration, full stack development, infrastructure management, to backend and frontend development. With a strong familiarity within the Agile development cycle, he has a high availability in system architecture design, and infrastructure automation (as code).

He is fluent in a large number of programming languages including Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript, Shell Script, and C++. This is in addition to knowledge across various frameworks such as Akka or jQuery, and also databases, Linux or similar operating systems, cloud platforms, load testing, containerisation and AWS services.


  • Full Stack Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Frameworks – Akka, jQuery etc.
  • Databases – SQL, Oracle etc.
  • Agile Development Cycle
  • High Availability System Architecture Design
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Load Testing, Gatling & JMeter
  • Containerisation – Docker, Kubernetes
  • AWS Services, e.g. EC2, ELB, IAM,